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Rachel Ray Kitchen Make Over with FridgeFronts Magnetic Refrigerator Front

This week, Rachel Ray’s TV show featured a kitchen make over for some lucky viewer who wanted their boring white kitchen to look just like the one on Rachel Ray’s TV set — and on a budget no less! 

Watch it now. the segment is called ‘I Want Rachel Ray’s Kitchen’)

Well they succeeded, in part because of an innovative product called FridgeFronts. 

FridgeFronts is a product that lets you change the look of the front of your refrigerator with a giant magnate.  It comes in solids, stainless steel, or patterns (like a Santa, American Flag, Sunflower, Fall Leaves) and is an inexpensive way to make your existing refrigerator take on a new life of its own.

Many of you may not be aware that I am a web designer / internet consultant (my company is Web Site Helper) and I designed and built the Circle of Food blog.  Well FridgeFronts.com is a customer of mine.  I didn’t design the site.  I came into the picture later to maintain it for Jan Augenstein, the owner. 

Well it was fun for me to experience the excitement of “showtime” and see the orders come in.  Jan said she got over 90 emails in the first few hours.  It was also the first time I had experience the “site coming down” due to heavy traffic.

These cooking shows have a lot of pull with their audiences and their power is not to be underestimated in terms of creating trends.

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