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Food Safety Tips for Fruits, Vegetables, Juices

The recent and widespread cantaloupe recall puts me on edge. This isn’t the first cantaloupe recall and it won’t be the last. Last year (2007) there was a cantaloupe recall from Costa Rica. In 2006, there was a bigger cantaloupe recall.

Maybe I’ll just give up eating cantalope all together.

Fruits and vegetables are not supposed to be the enemy. 

Here are some valid food safety tips to consider:

1. Purchase produce that is not bruised or damaged.
2. When selecting freshcut produce – such as a half a watermelon or bagged mixed salad greens – choose only those items that are refrigerated or surrounded by ice.

3. Bag fresh fruits and vegetables separately from meat, poultry, and seafood products when packing them to take home from the market. (Ask the bag person to not package them together if they are unaware.)

As an experienced shopper and professional foodie, I never knew tips 2 and 3.

Here’s an excellent article with lots of food safety tips for buying, storing, and using fruits, vegetables, and juices.

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