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Tucson’s Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Well, after I posted that April was grilled cheese month, my tastebuds focused on grilled cheese sandwiches.

I guess I could’ve made one as I do have some cheese here but I don’t have bread so I reasoned if I had to go out to buy bread, I may as well just go out to buy the sandwich.

Visions of Feast’s grilled halloumi sandwich floated across my brain. I picked up the phone.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a digital camera or I would post the photo for you but you’ll just have to follow along in my hungry mind’s eye.

Picture a crusty rustic roll about six or seven inches long filled with grilled eggplant pieces, roasted red peppers, fine strands of caramelized onions and, of course, a nice slab of semi-soft melty halloumi cheese.

The roll (though thick) was grilled as was the halloumi cheese.

Halloumi cheese comes from the Middle East and has a slightly salty flavor.

Grilling is recommended before serving. I have grilled rounds of halloumi cheese in a pan with olive oil and fresh herbs then served on toasted baguette as an appetizer.

Along with the sandwich came a small nicely dressed green salad. Had it not been the middle of the afternoon, I might have opted for a glass of wine but sparking water was a runner up.

The month is still young. I’m sure there will be more grilled cheese sandwiches in my future.

  1. After I posted the message, I realized you might want to know where to buy halloumi cheese.

    In Tucson you can buy it at Caravan Imported Foods and probably in that Middle Eastern market adjacent to Ali Babba.

    A friend finds it in Costco but not on a regular basis.

  2. Grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It brings back memories. I was raised on Velveeta grilled cheese sandwiches and Butternut white bread. What was my mother thinking??? I know I was not a picky eater, so you can’t blame it on that. I guess it was a sign of the times (the 60’s).

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