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Tap Water vs. Bottled Water Video Contest for Students

The organization Take Back the Tap is holding a contest for students who compete to win $1,500 for making a  YouTube video about why you are kicking the bottled water habit and taking back the tap water.

Some of the judges include the actor Alec Baldwin (no joke!), two award-winning documentary filmmakers, an Emmy Award-nominated producer for National Geographic, and an Emmy Award-winning television producer.

As part of countdown to the deadline for submission, Food & Water Watch produced “Don’t Be Fooled By Bottled Water“, which ponders the question, Will water filtered through rose petals fetch $8 per bottle?

To see other videos and to get more information on the contest visit the website. Submissions for the contest will be accepted until 11:59 am EST on April 14, 2008, and the winner of the contest will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2008.

Good luck! If you win, tell us and Circle of Food will link to the winning video.

Please spread the word about the contest and keep on thirsting…

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