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KFC Starts Grilling Chicken in an Effort to Eat Healthy

Well, it’s about time.

KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken – is rolling out grilled chicken in six U.S. cities in an effort to attract people who want to eat healthy.

KFC customers will be greeted with “now grilling” signs and new buckets, starting in the select cities of Colorado Springs; Jacksonville, FLA; Indianapolis, San Diego, Austin, and Oklahoma City.

KFC hopes grilled chicken will lure back health-conscious customers who dropped fried chicken from their diets.

KFC announced last year that fried chicken had zero grams of trans fat per serving after the chain switched cooking oils.

The grilled chicken will have less calories and fat, plus much less sodium, than fried chicken.

Grilled and fried chicken prices will be comparable.

Now about those sides. I wonder if they will change too? Do the biscuits have trans fat?


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