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Starbucks Ordered to Pay Back Over $100 Million in Tips

A Superior Court judge in San Diego ordered Starbucks to pay its California baristas more than $100 million in back tips and interest. The judge also issued an injunction that prevents Starbucks’ shift supervisors from sharing in future tips by saying that Calif. state law prohibits managers and supervisors from sharing in employee tips.

Starbucks plans to appeal.

The lawsuit was filed in October 2004 by a former Starbucks barista in La Jolla, who complained shift supervisors were sharing in employee tips. The lawsuit gained ground in 2006 when it was granted class-action status for as many as 100,000 former and current baristas in the coffee chain’s California stores.

The person who filed the lawsuit thinks Starbucks should pay shift supervisors higher wages instead of taking money from the tip pool (and apparently so does the judge).

What do you think?

Any Starbucks employees, past or present out there?


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