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Six Foods That Keep Your Mind Young (Food for the Brain)

Earlier this week I posted about the 10 worst foods and the 10 best foods for eating healthy.

Today I found an article about the six foods that keep your mind young.

Before comparing the foods, let’s see what these six foods are:

First, what it isn’t artery clogging fats which put us at risk for strokes. Omega-3 fatty acids — the good fats found in fish — are helpful for your brain because they help keep your arteries clear. They also alter your neurotransmitters and reduce depression.

Here are the best foods to keep your brain young:

Go nuts in moderation as nuts contain monounsaturated fats to keep your arteries clear, as well as levels of precursors of serotonin to boost mood. One ounce of nuts a day is just right; make that 12 walnuts or 24 almonds. 

Eat more fabulous fish…especially wild salmon, whitefish, tilapia, catfish, flounder, mahi mahi. Fish contains artery-clearing omega-3 fatty acids. Try 3 servings a week; a serving is about the size of your fist. (not deep fried)

The joy of soy…beans. (I see some resistance in the audience.) Soybeans contain heart- and artery-healthy protein, fiber, and fats. Eat one cup of soybeans a day. Try fresh or frozen edamame (soybeans) or steam then and add to a salad with a light Asian infused vinaigrette.

Tomato juice and spaghetti sauce are familar. Tomatoes contain folate, lycopene, and other nutrients to keep arteries young. Drink eight ounces a day of (low sodium) juice or 2 tablespoons of spaghetti sauce a day. 

Good fats–olive oil, nut oils, fish oils, flaxseed, avocados are contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. 25% of daily calories should be healthy fats.

You are going to love the sixth food:
Real dark chocolate has at least 70% cocoa. Real dark chocolate (bittersweet) increases dopamine release and provides flavonoids, which keep arteries young.

Now let’s compare to the previous article about 10 best foods for health:

The foods that overlap are almonds, salmon, and vegetable juice (tomato juice). Now you can add these food to the 10 best foods and continually feeding your heart, your health, and your mind.

  1. Everyone wants to feel younger. We all wish we had more energy, looked better, and had more time to get our health on the right track. So, I reviewed tons of research and came up with the following list of foods that will help you feel younger this year. I’ve included foods that will improve your skin, protect your vision, speed healing, fight off age-related diseases, and more. It’s likely that you’ll find many these foods on “superfood” and “top foods” lists, but they make those lists for a good reason. We are what we eat and if you want to be your best this year, these foods are a great start. To add to your 6 foods that can make you young:

    Green tea – Dr. Nicholas Perricone, famous dermatologist and inventor of the face saving Perricone Diet, said that “green tea contains healthy acids and protein, which help to improve your complexion.” (Ref: Response Source) Researchers from the Douglas Hospital Research Centre (DHRC) published a study in the European Journal of Neuroscience that suggests regular consumption of green or black tea may reduce your risk of age-related degenerative brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s. (Ref: Physorg)

    Eggs – A nutritional biochemist at Tufts University says that the antioxidants in eggs are easily absorbed by your body. Eggs are packed with the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which are crucial to keeping healthy eyes and sharp vision. (Ref: MSNBC)
    Concord grapes & Welch’s 100% Grape Juice – Welch’s website boasts that in an independent study of over 1000 common foods, Welch’s 100% Grape Juice “ranked #1 in antioxidant capacity per serving among all juices and beverages tested.” Welch’s reports that new research shows “eating a diet high in natural antioxidants such as those found in Concord grape juice may slow down the effects of aging, such as by protecting memory and reducing the signs of skin aging.” (Ref: Welch’s)

    Pineapple – Pineapple is the only food with natural bromelain (an enzyme group that aids digestion, reduces inflammation and swelling, and speeds healing). These enzymes are helpful for muscle and joint injuries, gout, and arthritis. Note: Cooking pineapple deactivates the bromelain. (Ref: Mark’s )

    Zucchini – ChefMD ® says that zucchini helps fight age-related macular degeneration (the most common form of blindness in people 55 and older). The National Eye Institute found that a high intake of lutein significantly reduces the risk of macular degeneration. Zucchini is packed with lutein to help you protect your vision before age takes its toll. (Ref: ChefMD)

    Blueberries – The Agricultural Research Service funded a study that found antioxidant compounds (tannins and anthocyanins) in blueberries which reverse existing short-term memory losses. (Ref: Nutra Ingredients). These compounds have been linked to preventing and reversing age-related mental decline and cancer.

    Note: If your grocery store sells it, try out fresh Pomegranate or Acai juice to get similar antioxidant-packed, age-fighting benefits.

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