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Good Foods, Bad Foods, Worst Foods

Here’s an interesting health blog on the New York Times that talks about making good, bad, and horrible food choices.

Actually, it goes beyond bad food choices but worst food choices.

The comments are interesting too because people’s eyes are popping open as in like, who knew?

The book, Eat This, Not That, is being billed as a no-diet weight loss solution. I guess that would work if you actually ate that bad food and then stopped eating it. But maybe your  food consumption is not that bad.  I for one has not been in a McDonald’s for at least a few years.

Although I do confess to going to In-n-Out Burger about six months ago.

The book compares food choices at favorite restaurants and super markets. Raise your hand if you knew that a Starbucks black forest ham, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich was healthier than their bran muffin with nuts?

I think I read somewhere that Starbucks is going trans fat free next year. I wonder what about the bran muffin was so bad? I guess I will have to read the book.  

This is distressing — Ruby Tuesday’s “healthy” turkey burger has over 1,000 calories. That doesn’t sound very healthy.

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