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Growing Older: An Uphill Battle of Losing Weight

I didn’t report last week but here I am. Sometime last week I hopped on the scale and I had lost 2 more pounds. I was ecstatic! That is a total of 9 pounds. I should’ve blogged  in the moment but did not. I went to the gym 4 times last week. That must be my world record and I felt good with all the exercise. 

However, I also went out a lot too toward the end of the week.

I am writing an article (topic TBA) and went out to sample the goods. Since the article is not published yet, I cannot divulge but nothing was low glycemic. Still I ate  and drank minimally.

The following night I went out yet again, this time as the guest of a major local Tucson resort and ate and drank more. I really ate and drank too much but enjoyed every morsel. I will review that restaurant soon.

On Saturday (yesterday) I was gone all day volunteering and really didn’t do eating damage until I came home and was starving. If I had eaten a low glycemic snack in the car on the way home, I wouldn’t have been starving when I walked in the door. Better planning!

Today, I’m back at eating better and even dragged myself to the gym during a very bad rain storm. I was rewarded as the gym was practically empty. Let’s just say that I mostly walked uphill for 2+ miles. I was tired and didn’t push myself further.

I know the key is more exercise.

I hope to be better this week both with eating and exercise.

Karyn Zoldan

  1. Love your updates on your weight loss!

    You have inspired me (along with “The Biggest Loser” TV show — which I LOVE). I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, but over the last few years, 15 pounds have come home to roost. I thought they were here to stay and had almost given up hope.

    It has been 4 weeks now and I have lost 6 pounds. I am working hard to achieve these results and am happy that it is going in the right direction.

    What change did I implement that made the difference? Eating less (18 points for you WW folks out there) and writing it down.

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