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Contest: Best Smoothie Recipe, Eat Healthy

Looking for a way to add more fresh fruit to your diet this spring? According to Del Monte Fresh Produce, smoothies are the answer.

Del Monte has developed a host of easy and delicious smoothie recipes but the accompanying music will drive you bananas.

If you go to the website between now and April 14, you also can enter to win the “Best Smoothie Ever” Sweepstakes, where one lucky winner will receive three gourmet Breville appliances perfect for creating a great smoothie: a Juice Fountain Elite, a Die-Cast Hemisphere Blender and a Cordless Hand Blender. More than 50 additional prizes will also be awarded.

Smoothies are easy and a fun snack or meal replacement that can help you and your family eat more fruit servings, such as pineapple, bananas, melons, and other fresh-cut fruits.

Smoothies are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a great snack for both kids and adults alike.

According to Del Monte, research has found 40 percent of U.S. adults consume at least one smoothie per month, and 32 percent of those are made at home. By making smoothies at home, You can control added sugar and the rest of the ingredients. Plus, it’s less expensive.

Here are some smoothie recipe ideas to get you started. While berries are better, don’t forget about bananas, melon, and avocado. Yes, avocado!
Enter to win the “Best Smoothie Ever” Sweepstakes by April 14, 2008. Get your family involved. Eat healthy.

  1. One of my family’s new year resolution was to eat healthier. And smoothies have definitely been a huge part of our weekly menu. I sometimes take a pitcher of strawberry smoothie to work. It stops me from going to the fattening vending machine.

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