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Make Mom a Cooking Light Video Star Contest

Cooking Light magazine has added an interactive Mother’s Day special to its menu and is launching its first-ever Web competition called, Make Your Mom a Cooking Light Video Star.

The video will celebrate family, food, and old-fashioned home cooking. It’s the kind of thing that when you get together with your adult cousins, everyone remembers their childhood memories of food and how it shaped their lives. Or simply hanging out in the kitchen with your mom and grandmother.

Beginning March 4, food lovers nationwide are invited to visit Cooking Light and submit a Web video that depicts how their mother or grandmother shaped their love of food. 

The videos will be judged by Cooking Light editors, with the top videos featured at  the new Cooking Light YouTube Channel, to coincide with Mother’s Day.

The videos, three minutes or less in length, are the ultimate Mother’s Day card.

Video topic suggestions include:
• What you learned about food and cooking from your mother or grandmother;
• What you value most about sharing time in the kitchen;
• A technique your mom taught you;
• The story behind your family’s favorite dish;
• An interview with your mom or grandmother about her happiest kitchen memories.

Submit your video submissions by April 1. 

With the Make Your Mom a Cooking Light Video Star competition, readers can create a priceless, unique gift for mom while immortalizing them.

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