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Healthy Emerald Buffet for St. Patricks Day

So many holidays center around food. For people trying to eat healthy, lose weight, and maintain weight loss, these social occasions should not be perceived as a food threat but rather an opportunity.

Just say you work in an office where you’re having a potluck buffet lunch on St. Patricks Day. You could be the organizer and request that every dish have at least one fruit or vegetable ingredient. That is a reasonable request. Green donuts are passe, don’t you think?

The fruit and veggie guru has just made your job easier and more delicious. Instead of racking your brain for creative recipes, they have done their homework. Instead of the same old dips and chips, think – spicy wasabi pear lettuce wraps, crunchy spinach salad with shrimp and grapes, avodogs-grilled hot dogs slathered with avocado-tomato relish, green cabbage and apple bake (who needs fatty corned beef?), and kiwi fruit cobbler for dessert.

Check it out and if you have any healthy St. Patricks Day entertaining ideas or recipes to share, please leave a comment.

Don’t forget to wear green and eat it too!

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