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Growing Older – A Weight Loss Journey

I have not gained any weight and I have not lost any weight.

You can slap me silly but I didn’t report in last week. I might be growing older but I still have the mind of a juvenile deliquent when it comes to follow through.

I have to report that I am on a plateau of 7 pounds.

It could be worse considering that while I lost the 7 pounds I only went out to dinner once. I have gone out to dinner several times and even been hosted by three restaurants during the month of Feb. so the fact that I haven’t lost more weight is no surprise but that I haven’t gained is thrilling.

I will write about those restaurants soon but I did do sake tasting and not only learned a lot about sake but totally enjoyed the experience. I don’t think sake is an approved low glycemic drink; red wine is. 

Here’s how I coped during my three restaurant hosted events. I didn’t eat any bread. In the Japanese restaurant, I ate around the white rice. Fortunately, it was mostly raw fish. In the Italian restaurant I ordered a fish entree instead of pizza. In the French restaurant I drank one glass of house red wine while everyone was drinking a more expensive white wine. In the French restaurant, I ordered a salad instead of an entree.

Then came the desserts — I ate dessert. Let’s just say that the change by me was I didn’t eat the dessert in its entirety. I ate half of the cherries jubilee panna cotta, ate the top off the coconut creme brulee, and ate some of the braised pears with chocolate almond sauce.  In other words much to the amazement of my fellow food writer friends, I didn’t finish my dessert.

For me that is a biggie. But I was still satisfied.

I also exercised more. Right now the weather is perfect for walking so I walked with the dog because it was at my pace (we sniff a lot at her pace) and as she gets older she cannot walk as far.  In a few months, it will be too hot to do any walking.

My immediate goal is 10 pounds. I’m more then half way there. As I look over the calendar for the coming week I see a few dining outs. I’m going to try hard to lose another pound.

Have a good week.

  1. Good on you for going to those restaurants and actually resisting the desserts as much as you did. I think I would have struggled to leave such nice sounding food on the plate.

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