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I know I am American, but it seems like Food is everywhere around me. Our society is fitting around food. Say you want to go out with your old friends for a nice chat, try coffee or a restaurant or FOOD. Say you want an amazing evening with a date. FOOD. Say your bored and have nothing to do. FOOD. (for a lot of people) The point is that FOOD is everywhere.

I know food is a major part of life, but who decided it was literally going to be part of everything. Besides having it consume most of my life, I work at a restaurant making guess what FOOD I know that sounds stupid, but honestly, when is enough really enough? Food is good and has many benefits, well, everyone has to eat, but our country wonders why food is consuming our lives. With a nation where almost one out of every two people is overweight, where is our country headed? I am honestly scared to think about what is going to happen in the future. Will it be 29/30 overweight? I don’t know, but the point is something needs to be done. Also, not everyone is as fortunate as me and can afford healthy food and a gym.

What about all the poor people in society? Are they supposed to continue to eat unhealthy, harming their bodies? Well I think this is ridiculous and something needs to be done to stop the food OBSESSION in America. Honestly, if our country is trying to make Americans healthy, why does a fried chicken sandwich from McDonald’s cost only a dollar, but a grilled chicken sandwich (the healthier option) cost way more? I try to promote a healthy America and will small steps, we can all help, but honestly. When is it ever going to be enough? ….When our children can’t even walk up the stairs without being out of breath? It’s just FOOD!

Torie Nicholas

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