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Restaurant Fine Dining: Historic Columbia

Almost every time I go to Florida, I crave Cuban foods. I remember the first time we ate at Columbia in Tampa’s Yborg City. We sat outside and I don’t recall what we ate but it was marvelous. I do remember we washed it down with cafe con leche (Cuban coffee).

It seems that Columbia is all over the parts of Florida that I visit — Sarasota, Tampa, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete and there’s a trusted Columbia waiting for my order.

On my last visit, there were five of us and some of shared the sangria but I never got a buzz. I wanted to order the sangria with the brandy but was out voted.

I cannot remember what we all ate but there was nary a crumb on our plate. One person who shall remain nameless (not me) ate his entire personal loaf of crusty Cuban bread that he had no appetite by the time the food came.

I wanted to pass on the bread but didn’t. It was worth every morsel although I didn’t eat most of it.

Now as I glance over the menu my mouth waters with words like paella, roast pork a la Cubana, black bean cakes, platanos, shrimp criollo…I go on but I’m drooling.

When in certain parts of Florida, eat the Spanish way at Columbia.

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