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Growing Older: What a Slug (a weight loss saga)

This past week was not that great. I only went to the gym once. Although I did a difficult program on the elliptical machine and walked up a very steep elevation for 2.53 miles — it was not nearly enough and I cannot kid myself.

I made numerous excuses for myself not going to the gym. I really was going yesterday but the dog rescue group that I’m part of had a lost greyhound and I went out to look for her.

Fortunately, when I was out and about the dog was found (not by me) and it was a small miracle considering the terrain the dog covered and was out all night in a terrible rainstorm.

While out looking for the dog, I ran into some other volunteers also looking and we decided to celebrate and went to have coffee. I opted for iced sugarless tea so I didn’t have any temptations.

I tried to eat sparingly and did okay but was invited to a birthday celebration and also to a restaurant opening. Still I ate mindfully leaner and meaner vs. pigging me out so all my vices didn’t crash and burn.

This coming week I better hustle and also have another restaurant opening and a few dinners out. I keep telling myself that if I exercise and keep that up, that will be my key. So far I have managed to maintain low glycemic eating 80 percent of the time.

I did fall from grace when I ate part of a cherries jubilee panna cotta. MY DOG! It was worth every creamy spoonful.

Also last week I was half listening to the nightly news and it said that a new study reveals that being overweight increases the risk of certain cancers. Did that jolt me to go to the gym? NO! It just made me feel guilty about not going.

My goal for the coming week is to go to the gym at least 2 times and to eat wisely.


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