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Everyone loves themed cupcakes for special events and holidays….atleast I do but I have a few simple ideas to make cupcakes even more festive and cute for any occasion.

1. Instead of baking cupcakes like any other individual, you can put the batter in cake cones and bake them on a cookie sheet. These cupcakes are perfect for a birthday party, or any special event. They end up looking like cute little ice cream cones, and you frost them and add sprinkles for more decoration.

2. If you are making regular cupcakes for any event, using a pastry bag (or a plastic bag with a hole cut in the corner) makes very cute icing. One of the best parts of this iccing trick is they look amazing, and it’s quick….you also don’t have to worry about white iccing mixing with chocolate cake, turning the iccing a nasty brown with crumbs.

3. After iccing cupcakes, something as simple as a chocolate covered cookie or colorful candy can dress up the cupcakes and make them fancier. You can even add simple flowers or swirls with a decorating tip or pastry bag.

Everyone has been making cupcakes, but with some of these ideas the cupcakes look so cute and fabulous. Also, it does not take any more time then making regular cupcakes. I challenge you to try sometime fun and make cute cupcakes for spring coming up… (you could even add chocolate eggs for easter to decorate them)

If you have any cute cupcake ideas, please write so I can try them….

Torie Nicholas

  1. I cruise the candy aisle of my local drug store for cupcake decorations. There are many candies that can be used to make designs, faces & little creatures. Those licorice mixes have all sorts of shapes & colors as well as jelly beans, mikes & ikes, skittles, M&Ms, licorice shoe strings can be cut up, etc. It’s endless and goes as far as your creativity.

    Also, look for the dusts & glitters in the cake decorating aisle of Michaels. The color gels (not the pastes) mix with batter & frosting to make amazing & intense colors.

    Have fun – I always do!

  2. What is something a little more healthier that I can send to school and daycare for my grandson’s B-day instead of cupcakes?? He’s 5.

  3. Brenda,
    What about oatmeal cookies? I would think they are healthier than cupcakes. Why don’t you do a web search for low fat oatmeal cookies?

    How old is your grandsome? Maybe popcorn balls or popcorn with M&Ms?

    Cake cones – I just googled it and it came up with some different options.

  4. “Cake cones” vs “Sugar Cones” might help you see the difference. Cake cones have a flat bottom and are made with a lighter batter that is “molded”. Sugar cones have a pointy bottom and are first made like a waffle and then rolled into a pointy cone. I am sure the batters are different.

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