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Great Balls of Grapefruit

February is National Grapefruit Month and fresh grapefruit is plentiful. While in Florida, I ate a half of fresh grapefruit every day for breakfast and it was a wonderful treat.

Not only is grapefruit packed with vitamin C but it’s also high in potassium and low glycemic unlike an orange that will give you a sugar jolt.

Fresh squeezed orange juice is easy to come by but when you find fresh squeezed grapefruit juice — it’s a rare indulgence.

Some medications conflict with grapefruit juice so be careful.

Grapefruit juice is one of the most nutrient dense juices available, particularly in pink and red varieties. Grapefruit juice is a great-tasting and healthy marinade for grilled (or baked) chicken or fish. A splash of grapefruit juice can add flavor to vegetables in place of salt or butter. Grapefruit sections can be added to a salad of greens and dried cranberries with a vinaigrette dressing.

Here’s a recipe for broiled grapefruit. It has too much sugar for my taste but I’m sure the sugar can be reduced. I think I’d mix a bit of freshly grated ginger with the sugar.

Oddly, enough the smell of grapefruit makes women appear younger. Move over Botox.

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