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Weight Loss, Jared Fogle, and Got Milk

Jared Fogle, the Subway Guy who lost a ton of weight (240 pounds to be exact) eating Subway sandwiches and walking has partnered with the Got Milk campaign. The reason for this cross promotion is childhood obesity and how to teach children to make healthy low fat choices.

Holding a SUBWAY sandwich in one hand and a Shamrock Farms milk in the other, Jared Fogle commemorates his 10-year weight loss anniversary milk mustache style in Times Square by unveiling his got milk? ad and announcing that he’s once and for all retiring his overweight pants.

Fogle announced that he will now be putting more emphasis on his charity – The Jared Foundation which is dedicated to eliminating childhood obesity and encouraging children to adopt life-long healthy eating and physical exercise habits.

To help jumpstart Fogle’s goal to raise $2 million over the next year, Shamrock Farms contributed $10,000 toward his cause.

Jared is one of more than 250 got milk? mustache celebrities since Naomi Campbell donned a white upper lip for the first Milk Mustache ad in January 1995. Shamrock Farms is only the second branded milk to ever appear.

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