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Organic Hot Dog Recall-Company Responds

Please review my previous post about the organic hot dog recall.

I contacted the company, Applegate Farms, and here’s their response:

“Hello Karyn,
I received your phone message last night and would like to clear up some confusion.  Our products do not normally contain milk and soy.  These items were accidentally added to one batch of our hot dogs, which is why we recalled them. 

Below are the FAQ’s that I’ll be posting on our website today.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explain the situation.

Best Regards,

Allergen Alert FAQs

What products were affected?
–Applegate Farms Stadium Hot Dog.  UPC 2531700537.  Use or Freeze by Jan. 15, 2008
–Applegate Farms Great Organic Hot Dog. UPC 2531700510.  Use or Freeze by Jan. 15, 2008
NOTE: Only products with a lot code of sell by Jan 15, 2008 are affected
Were any other products affected?
No products were affected other than those listed in the Allergen Alert we issued.  Since we were able to determine the source of the allergen, we could pinpoint the batch of Stadium Hot Dogs that was affected, as well as the batch of the Great Organic Hot Dogs that may have been exposed to the allergens

How did non-fat dry milk and soy get into Applegate Farms hot dogs?
Allergens got into our hot dogs as a result of human error, when some product containing soy and non-fat dry milk was mistakenly added to our recipe.
How did Applegate Farms find out about the problem, and how will we ensure that this type of cross-contamination does not occur again?
Applegate Farms was alerted to the problem by a customer complaint.  We then performed the appropriate testing to confirm that a milk product was contained in our product, and reviewed all production records to determine the source of the cross-contamination. 

In addition to our previous labeling process, Applegate Farms has already implemented a new color-coding and tracking system to ensure that only Applegate Farms ingredients are used in our products. 

How does Applegate Farms know that only the items mentioned in the Allergen Alert were affected?
Our production records show only one batch of the Great Organic Hot Dogs was made on the same production line the day the Stadium Hot Dogs containing the allergens were produced.
If the non-fat dry milk and soy were only added to the Stadium Hot Dog recipe, why was the Great Organic Hot Dog also issued on the Allergen Alert?
Since the Great Organic Hot Dog was produced on the same production line as the Stadium Hot Dogs that contained the milk and soy, they may have been exposed to these allergens, and were therefore included in the Allergen Alert as a precautionary measure.

Products made the day after the cross-contamination occurred were made on equipment that had gone through the extensive sanitation process employed at the end of each day that would remove any allergen residue.

How can I get a refund for the product I have with the affected sell by date?
Consumers can obtain a full refund by returning our product to the store where it was purchased.

Who can I call if I have additional questions or concerns?
Consumers can call Gina Asoudegan at 800-587-5858 ext 258 with any questions or concerns.”

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