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Norman Love to Love Your Chocolate Baby

I just returned from Florida and was lucky enough to return once again to Norman Love’s Chocolate Salon.

This time I had a delicious Mexican hot chocolate that went down creamy smooth as chocolate liquid silk and then ended with a kick of chili spice. It beats a damn Swiss Miss any day.

Then I bought some chocolates to share for dessert. Since these chocolate gems are so rich, I only chose a box of eight. I wish I remembered the flavors — pink lemonade, key lime, green apple, giandula (hazelnut), peanut butter, cinnamon, cheesecake, and I cannot remember the eighth piece.

The cinnamon was out of this world.

I originally asked for ginger but there was none on this day.

The chocolates don’t look like your average piece of See’s candy but rather like trinkets or jewelry with their colorful and glossy patina.

These delicacies were divided into threes and shared by the three of us. At that point I wish I opted for at least a dozen but what we enjoyed was exquisite and no need to be piggy about it.

Life is short. Eat artisan chocolate.

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