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Growing Older, Weighing Less – A Weight Loss Journey

I missed a week because I was on vacation visiting family in Florida. I can say I didn’t stay on the exercise or diet regime while gone but I didn’t go overboard either. The focus of the trip was to rest/relax and spend quality time with family which mission accomplished.  

The worst part was flying. I had to go through dreaded Chicago and was stuck at the airport coming and going and flying back my flight was diverted and I was in the air for nine hours. Here’s the Southwest Airlines menu — a.m. – miniature graham crackers, for a longer flight (3+ hours) they give you a snackbox consisting of Snackwell creme cookies, a bag of light chocolate chip cookies, and crackers with Cheese Whiz. I would’ve killed for an apple or orange. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy any food as in protein because I had to RUN from one gate to another in order to get out of Dodge. I also had numerous bags of peanuts.

Once back I have gone to the gym twice but forgot to write down my miles but figure it was at least 4 hours with elevation. I’m back in the groove again and that’s a good thing.

This coming week has some challenges as I’m invited to a birthday dinner and a restaurant opening. Stay tuned…

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