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Organic Hot Dogs Recalled Nationwide: Undeclared Allergens

In a nutshell: Over 8,000 pounds of organic hot dogs recalled because they may contain known allergens which were not mentioned on the label.

Feb 8, 2008 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is issuing a public health alert for approximately 8,784 pounds of hot dog products because the products may contain non-fat dry milk and soy, known allergens, which are not declared on the label. The products were produced at Dietz & Watson, Inc., a Philadelphia company.

This public health alert was initiated after a consumer complaint investigated by FSIS and Applegate Farms confirmed that the products were mislabeled.

The products subject to this public health alert include: (PDF)

16-ounce packages of Applegate Farms Certified Organic, the GREAT ORGANIC UNCURED HOT DOG.
16-ounce packages of Applegate Farms Certified Organic STADIUM ORGANIC UNCURED BEEF HOT DOGS.
Each package also bears the establishment number Est. 9574 inside the USDA mark of inspection and a use-by or freeze-by date of JAN 15 08. The hot dog products were produced on Nov. 21, 2007, and were distributed to retail establishments nationwide.
Based on product shelf life, these products would no longer have been sold in grocery stores after Jan. 15, 2008. However, these organic hotdogs could be in consumers freezers and it is important that consumers look for them.

FSIS has received one consumer complaint of an allergic reaction due to the consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an allergic reaction should contact a physician.

Consumers with questions should contact Gina Asoudegan at Applegate Farms 1-800-587-5858, ext. 800.

Why does organic hot dogs have soy or non-fat dry milk? 

  1. I was really disturbed after I read that these hot dogs are produced at Dietz & Watson. Don’t they make conventional products? Do they (applegate) produce any of there own products? Soy and non-fat dry milk are cheap filler?..right?? anyway..I’m skeptical of all these so-called organic companies

  2. I used to purchase AF food for my children. I never really looked at the ingredients, I just trusted since it was AF it was good for you. Then I had read an article from consumer reports about other ingredients found in some the hot dogs they (or who ever makes them) claimed were not. Since then I have been looking much closer at any thing i buy from the grocery store. Has anyone noticed how much weird stuff is in a chicken pot pie? how can that be considered organic?

  3. These are all good comments.

    I just looked at the Dietz & Watson website and this is what it says,

    “We never use artificial flavors, colors or fillers and never any MSG.”


    Now at Applegate Farms, it says they raise organic and grass fed meat. And it says that their hotdogs don’t have filler, wheat or dairy products.


    Soy and non-fat dry milk powder sounds like filler to me and the latter is a dairy product.

    It sounds like someone has some explaining to do. I urge you to call the consumer hotline listed about and inquire 1-800-587-5858, ext. 800. Applegate Farms is located in New Jersey.

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