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Low Fat Macaroni and Cheese – Winter Comfort Food

Raise your hand if you don’t like macaroni and cheese. I see no hands out there. I supposed when I was growing up my mother made macaroni and cheese from scratch and then along came the box and that was more convenient.

Last year after my heart dog died, a friend invited me over for macaroni and cheese because this was her ultimate comfort food meal. She made it from scratch and it was a real treat.

I wonder how many boxes of mac and cheese I’ve eaten in my lifetime? Trader Joe’s has a white cheddar variety that is different.

Now that I’m watching my trans fat consumption and eating low glycemically, Vegetarian Times came out with a low fat version. I’m sure you can substitute whole wheat macaroni for white pasta.

The only problem I see with this recipe is eating only one portion.

  1. Thanks for the post! I checked out your site (www.lowfat-recipes.info) and I liked it too. Keep up the hard work – which we know it is.

    I’m hoping to try the low fat Chicken Enchilada recipe this weekend. One request – it would be handy to have a text only print function for these recipes wouldn’t it? We’ll have to look into that as well….

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