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Another week, another report. Well, last week was two weeks of being on South Beach Diet. I lost 7 pounds. I’m happy but the book says people lose 8 to 13 pounds on phase one.  Screw that. I’m still happy about the weight loss.

South Beach Diet claims that you will lose body fat first in the stomach and they got that right. I hope that continues.

Last week I went to the gym twice and walked 4.32 miles uphill on the elliptical cross trainer. I thought I was going to die with one routine but persevered. I didn’t feel like Rocky Balboa but felt a sense of accomplishment.

I am battling a cold/sore throat so I don’t have the energy right now but I’m sure to be feeling better soon. I treated myself to a pedicure.

Now that I’m on phase two, I can eat more food choices. However, I have chosen to be on the austere side of choices. I’ve only added oatmeal, red wine, apples, blueberries, plain yogurt, and nonfat milk. I went out for coffee but watched my friends eat toasted bagels. I’ll be eating more soon enough.

One thing I have noticed is when I eat the low glycemic way, I don’t have spikes of eating desired and feel fuller faster.

I’m eager for this month to be over as it’s been a tough one.

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