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Growing Older: Getting Better – Low Glycemic Weight Loss

Here’s another page in my so-called low glycemic life. Forgive me dude for I have only gone to the gym once. I had a big life hiccup and was unable to process much. But I must credit myself for 2.59 miles on the ellyptical machine.

Although last weekend I eschewed all social events and dining events, I was going to go nuts if I did that again so this week spread my wings a bit more. I belong to a monthly movie group and went to the movies. We saw Juno and I must say all six of us loved the movie. That it so rare for this conflicting, opinionated group. Juno is a miracle as there’s no violence, no cussing, and no special effects. It’s flat out the best dancing with words and script that I’ve seen on the silver screen for quite awhile.

After the movie we always go out to dinner to discuss the movie. We went to a Japanese joint and I ordered a dinner salad with sashimi. They also served miso soup with my order. I ate it all and was really still hungry and drank two big cups of chrysanthemum tea. I think the tea wired me as I worked well into the night but then of course, couldn’t get up the next morning.

Another day, I went out for tea at Tucson’s authentic Chinese tea house, Seven Cups. I love this place because it makes me feel like I’m in San Francisco’s Chinatown. I went with a newish neighbor who also works from home as a graphic designer. She ordered a Japanese sweet treat which was a sweet red bean paste pastry topped with crushed walnuts. We drank preferred peony white tea. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had sugar in 11 days or not but the tea tasted sweet to me even without sugar. She had sugar.

Until next week. Let me set a goal: Go to gym 3 times.

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