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Super Bowl Sunday Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Watchers

Super Bowl Sunday brings sports fans together. Here’s how to take control and eat healthy not guilty.

There is no question that the creamy dips, fat-laden chips, fried finger foods and super-sized sandwiches usually served at Super Bowl parties are not health-friendly.  The good news is that with a few recipe makeovers and fun activities, all the flavors of football can be savored without wreaking havoc on your New Year’s weight-loss resolutions.  Weight Watchers® offers these healthy eating tips to help score big on fun while reaching those goals:

Control the Game.  If the party’s at your house, offer entrees such as meatless chili or lean chicken strips

For sweet satisfaction in the fourth quarter, enjoy an angel food cake topped with low-fat frozen yogurt and chocolate syrup.  Try to select fresh fruit, vegetables, baked chips, and pretzels when filling up your plate.

Play Defensively.  Decide ahead of time what party foods are of preference so you can plan for these indulgences.  Offer to make some healthy snacks so you can take care of yourself while supporting others who are surely doing the same.  With a few recipe makeovers that include ingredient substitutions, all the flavors of Super Bowl festivities can be enjoyed without wreaking havoc on your weigh-in day.

Get in on the Action.  Watching pre-game activities as well as the game may mean a view from the sidelines or the couch.  Instead of sitting it out, try to get in a little bit of physical activity. Play a quick game of touch football or toss the football around at half time or help the party host with the dishes during time-outs. 

Adult Interceptions. Many people fail to think of beverages in the same league as junk food.  Yet the calories from drinks can add up quickly, especially if they contain alcohol. Instead, opt for coffee, tea, juice, wine spritzers, light beer, or drinks mixed with low-calorie mixers.

Block and Tackle.  When overindulging happens, which it often does during the Super Bowl, don’t panic.  A single day of splurging will not derail all the New Year’s weight-loss resolutions. Be positive and keep on track with plans to score that winning weight loss touchdown!
Be a Team Player.  Whoever will win this year’s Arizona Super Bowl didn’t do it alone.  You shouldn’t have to achieve your winning weight outcomes alone, either.  Find a buddy or try a Weight Watchers meeting for support.
Weight Watchers is America’s trusted name in weight loss and the global leader in weight-loss services, with approximately 50,000 weekly meetings held worldwide. 

These ideas are courtesy of Weight Watchers.

  1. Maybe I am a emotional mess today or your post just hit home. I have been that “fat girl” at work and in public. The success of my weightloss motivates me daily.

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