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Chocolate is Saved! 34,000 Chocolate Lovers Signed FDA Petition

Remember a few months ago, I asked you to sign a FDA petition to save the fate of chocolate?

Well, according to Gary Guittard — it worked.

Here’s the email I just received from him:

Thank you!
It looks like this petition will not be granted. The FDA received 34,000 letters plus inquiries from congress. The FDA said the response was unprecedented and had never received so many responses for any food related issue. We couldn’t have done it without your help and caring about the foods we eat and chocolate in particular.

All the Best,

Gary Guittard

Wow! 34,000 people signed the petition. Power to the chocolate loving population. Gary Guittard started the campaign.

Check out his Don’t Mess with Chocolate campaign website.

And then go buy some single origin Guittard chocolate bars.

  1. Hooray! One of the most enjoyable tastes for me is a nice piece dark chocolate, perhaps cloaked around some nuts, fruit or caramel or infused with a citrus flavor. I am most delighted to hear that I will still have many choices at the same high quality I adore. Thank you petition signers & bloggers for helping to keep chocolate the rich treat that it is.

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