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Food Safety: No Place Like Cloned Food

In an article today in the New York Times, the FDA finally said that food from cloned animals and their progeny is safe for milk and meat consumption.

I question the FDA and their track record on safety. They have approved numerous pharmaceutical drugs that turned out to be killers; the latest Avandia for diabetics. This drug now has been found to cause heart failure in 40 percent of the patients who took Avandia.

This is only one example of all the reversals and recalls by the FDA.

To me cloning an animal is against nature.

As it is, there are plenty of food recalls which we can attest to and you can read about on Circle of Food. With real food, there’s a food chain or chain of distribution that can be accounted for and tracked down.

But what happens if and when something bad happens in the cloning process to the second and third generation of cows? How is that going to be found or tracked?

The possibilities are there. If the possibilities were not there, why did it take years of debate for the FDA to make a decision? It makes me think of food — science fiction style.

I believe that consumers should know what meats and milk are made from cloned animals just like they know whether the milk has no rBST (hormones) or if the milk is fat-free.

Cloned meat and milk should be labeled so consumers have a choice.

The decision to use cloned milk and meet is a boom to the cloning industry but what about the dairy farmers and meat farmers? 

  1. I don’t understand the purpose of cloning animals for food production or for anything really.
    It serves no purpose.
    Also, the whole idea scares me. It’s all too Frankensteinish.
    The current administration has basically screwed up everything they’ve touched, so why not this “finding”. Why should we believe what they say about cloned foods?
    I agree, too, that if it’s going to be on our store shelves. It should be labeled.

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