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Growing Older, Getting Better-Weight Loss and Exercise

This week I did so-so in the exercise department. I did walk 5.02 miles during two jaunts at the gym. I did the routines that go with the EFX machine and much of those 5 miles were uphill with eight to 12 resistance so that’s pretty damn good or so I think especially for a couch potato like me.

I always feel 10 feet tall when I leave the gym — getting there is still a problem.

I didn’t do any of my weight routines though.

In the eating department, I’ve been doing fabulously and really sticking with South Beach Diet, phase one.). This weekend I turned down several events as I knew I would fall off the wagon. I didn’t go to a bowling party on Friday because I was not strong enough to say no to beer and pizza. I opted out of going to a live spoken word event and dinner with some good friends on Saturday. And on Sunday (tonight) I turned to down dinner at a Five Diamond restaurant for a Slow Food Tucson special event. I was even going to be a guest and said no. Even though I missed out on all these social stuff, I just needed a break.

My life is frequently filled with food and friends so taking a breather is not such a bad thing. I need some friends who like to take routine power walks.

For breakfast I mostly eat one or two eggs with turkey bacon and mushrooms and low sodium vegetable cocktail juice. I’ve been eating a lot of green vegetables — green beans, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli plus salmon and chicken breasts and cottage cheese and nuts. It’s pretty boring — I’m the first to admit. I can also have a piece of low fat cheese — also boring.

Oh, well. One thing I did notice is that eating cottage cheese and a few nuts doesn’t make me reach for more food. I am satisfied. 

I’ll weigh myself after a week. I may be invited to a restaurant opening prior to my 14 days of phase one. Hmmm, that could be a difficult decision.

If you read this entire diatribe, here’s a hilarious animation parody on baby boomers trying to stay young.

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