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Growing Older, Getting Better Health

Here’s my almost mid week update for self improvement and getting healthier.

I did go to the gym and did a routine on the EFX machine. I walked 2.43 miles much of it uphill (resistance) and really felt great afterwards. Hopefully I can get to the gym at least once or two more times this week.

Yesterday I decided that today I would start the South Beach Diet. After the gym I took myself to lunch and ordered nachos. That was probably the worst thing I could order and I’ve never ordered them at Zivaz. However, I ordered the small portion and they were just right as in size and not as bad as anticipated. While there I made a list of acceptable foods.

Later that evening I went to Trader Joe’s and bought a lot of green vegetables, greens, and some proteins like chicken breast, turkey bacon, salmon, 15 pecan halves, and some beans. While walking around the store I wasted much time trying to decide what my last supper was going to be. I ended up with fresh papaya slices and some flat bread thing with caramelized onions, pears, and blue cheese. It sounded better that it looked. I would not be tempted to buy it again.

I have been on South Beach Diet before and always lose weight and always gain it back but maybe not right away. What I like about that diet is that it’s low glycemic and that kind of eating (more on that as we go along) really subsides binge eating, something that I am guilty of. Also it’s the only diet that I know of where you lose belly fat first. That alone is worth the price of admission.

The first two weeks are really strict — no grains, no bread/pasta/brown rice; no fruit (I love fruit!); no red wine (I love red wine!); no potatoes (you get the idea!); and of course, no sugar. I will let you know what I eat as I go along. I don’t have the patience or time to make the recipes in the book so will just prepare food with the ingredients that I can use.

Stay tuned, eat well, and stay healthy!

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