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Free Rice Cookbook from Eco-Friendly Lundberg Farms

This cookbook is no longer available.

Consumers who visit Lundberg Farms may sign up to receive a free copy of the full-color cookbook, Cooking with Lundberg Rice in a special offer marking the re-launch of the Lundberg Family Farms web site. The offer is good while supply lasts.

In addition to recipes, product information, and news about the leading producer of sustainably farmed rice and rice products, the new web site offers visitors the opportunity to Join the Family and receive periodic news and special offers. 

The cookbook is chock full of easy, delicious and good-for-you recipes for entrees, side dishes, salads, soups, desserts and even breakfast all featuring the Certified Organic and Eco-Farmed rice products of Lundberg Family Farms.

Rice is one of nature’s most perfect foods.

Since 1937, the Lundberg Family has been farming rice and producing rice products at their farms in the Sacramento Valley. Now led by its third generation, Lundberg Family Farms uses eco-positive farming practices to produce wholesome, healthful rice products while protecting and improving the environment for future generations.

I would like to find a lowfat, low sugar or sugar-free rice pudding using brown rice. If you have such a recipe, please post. Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food.

  1. Julia,
    The free cookbook was offered on the Lundberg rice website. I just checked and the offer is no longer available.

    The free cookbook was available until they ran out.

  2. I only recently got a rice cooker and was looking for a good book on cooking different rices, sorry I missed this free one, is there a way to buy it?

  3. Living in Japan I eat rice almost daily. The best quality rice can simply be eaten on its own. Perhaps not all that exciting. However, wonderful in its simplicity.

  4. Rice!!!! In my family rice is one of the main dishes. We come from Puerto Rico, rice and beans are in the menu every week. My anglo friends they asked me to cook them rice and beans. My kids favorite dish is CHICKEN WITH RICE Puerto Rican style.
    You have a free recipe book? If not can I buy one. I was in Yuba City and I love the fields of rice. How can I find some rice seeds?? Just to plan, like I used to do when I was little.?
    Thank you. Muchas gracias.

  5. Ana
    The cookbook was available through the Lundberg website and is no longer available. It wasn’t really a fool blown cookbook more like a few pages which I didn’t know until I received it.

    I love Puerto Rican style chicken and rice which is impossible to get in the desert.

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