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How to Report Food Problems

How many times have you gone out to eat and then later got sick?

Perhaps you had stomach cramps, shivering, diarrhea and felt really bad. Perhaps you were the only person at the table who got sick but you all consumed the same food or not. Does this mean there was a cause for food poisoning or did you just happen to get sick?

Our bodies and immune systems respond to things differently. If you felt it was the food — then you better report it because others may be suffering. If the health departments get calls from two or ten people who ate at the same restaurant and ordered the same meal or not, they will investigate. It’s always better to be safe vs. sorry.

I know people don’t like to point the finger or they feel no one will listen but it’s in your best interest (and others) to speak out about food safety.

Aside from restaurants, what happens if you open a product and it looks and smells funny/bad? Don’t eat it! Take it back to the store where you bought it and also call the company to report it. Document it.

Call the Food Safety and Inspection Service or the FDA.

Eat safely.

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