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Belgium Chocolates Made in New York

My belief system that life is short — eat chocolate — still exists.

One of my friends who lives in another state and is trying to eat more healthy received a box of chocolates today. These were not mere chocolates but rather Chocolats Meurens, handmade in New York but in the classic Belgian style.

Let’s face it that we brutus Americans do not know how to make chocolate. Last year, Hershey and the big corporate chocolate giants wanted to add wax as an ingredient and reduce the ratio of chocolate.

Somehow waxy chocolates would never fly (thankfully) in Belgium. They have chocolate standards.

She received 12 in a box and ate two post haste. Perhaps she can call a friend and taste the chocolates along sipping with a good red wine. Think antioxidants instead of calories.

Here’s hoping that Chocolat Meurens becomes a delicious success.

You can read about the man who started it all because he craved chocolates from his Belgian past. And also watch a very entertaining video on Coffee Art. Some people are amazingly clever.

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