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Growing Older, Getting Better-A Food Memoir

Well, I do not do as well as I might have thought. It’s okay as I have to confess here rather than brush it under the carpet.

I did go to the gym and walk 4.42 miles (divided by two separate days) mostly uphill (with resistance) and started a weight routine so I’m not totally kicking myself. That’s more than I have done previously. I felt absolutely great afterwards but just getting there is the hardest part.

I was going to start my weight loss plan today but failed to go grocery shopping. So I’m not there yet. I have procrastinated on numerous other tasks but most of the time I am focused on my cause related to greyhound abuse. It really is an emotionally gut wrenching issue and knocks the wind out of my sails. 

Part of my problem as I look over my calendar is that I failed to calendar or schedule exercise last week. I am going to do that now. Of course, I can always cross it out but when I write it down, that makes it more difficult to ignore.

Have a good week and hopefully you will share thoughts and feelings.


  1. Yes, getting yourself to the gym is 90% of the battle. The longer between visits, the harder it is to motivate myself to go.

    But, for me, going to the gym is better than doing it at home. At home, I don’t workout nearly as long and often will tell myself that I could be working at something other than exercise — anything!

    When I go to the gym, I feel like I’m getting some “me” time. I invariably enjoy the feeling of satisfaction at the end.

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