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To Your Health – Probiotics – Healthy Eating Tip

A growing trend recently mentioned on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson is the fortification of foods with healthy bacteria also known as probiotics.

Datamonitor identified probiotics as one of its 10 trends to watch in packaged goods
for 2008.  Probiotics are live active cultures are known for promoting digestive health and immunity. While commonly associated with dairy, probiotics have now hit the mainstream making it easier than ever to tap into the power of probiotics.

Probiotics aren’t new or new to foods, Europe and Asia have added probiotics to foods for years. Probiotic foods and beverages are currently estimated to be a $210 million market with an estimate to reach $400 million by 2010.

Why are probiotics beneficial?

- Improve overall GI health
- Enhancie immune function (70% of immune function found in GI tract)
- Assist lactose intolerant people with lactose digestion
- Reduce allergies in children
- Help patients cope with side effects of antibiotic therapy
- Decrease risks of certain cancers
- Decrease dental microbes in the mouth

Of the probiotics products hitting shelves, the 100-calorie chocolate Attune Probiotic Wellness Bar and 180-calorie Attune Probiotics Granola bar are the newest, most unique and, most importantly, portable.

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