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Growing Older, Growing Better-A Food Memoir

This year I celebrate a birthday that will be pivotal. It’s one of those big “O” birthdays. When I reach it on May 22, I will share my age but not until then.

This birthday rather scares me because whoever thought I would reach that age? Certainly not me because who thinks about growing older? Certainly not me.

I have decided to make this journey a public one. Maybe if I write my brains out and share my thoughts and fears, my successes and failures, you might also join in with encouragement from the sidelines or also share your trials and tribulations about growing older, eating wiser, getting fit and healthy too.

Perhaps we can have a collaboration of sorts. Tell me your good and bad habits and I’ll do the same.

As with growing older, I want to be healthier. I have no clue what my cholesterol is or my blood glucose. 2008 will be the year that I go to the doctor. I must. Since I’m an optimist, I feel that I am well and will never ask my doctor of about the purple pill or the yellow pill and if my leg tap dances under my desk, it’s because of too much caffeine or getting a buzz on life not restless leg syndrome.

I will be writing one or two times a week with my progress and challenges so tune in and come back often or RSS me, baby.

I promise to reveal more as we go along. Let’s just say that I’ll be your onion and will peel off some layers as we go along. I hope you will too.

Raising my glass of red wine to a healthier new year…

Karyn Z.

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