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Fast Food, Healthy Choices for the New Year at Jack in the Box

As soon as January 2 rolls around, everyone starts thinking about dieting, exercising, and eating healthy.

This time Jack in the Box restaurants will help you get into your skinny jeans with two new menu options debuting January 3.

They are grilled chicken strips with teriyaki dipping sauce and a chicken fajita pita sandwich featuring a pita made with low-glycemic whole grain (hooray).
In addition to the new menu items, Jack in the Box is also introducing its new “Smart Choice” logo, which was created to help direct guests to its lighter menu options.
Jack’s new grilled chicken strips features a serving of four, white-meat chicken strips served with teriyaki dipping sauce on the side have 190 calories without the sauce and 260 calories with one serving of sauce for $3.99 
Chicken fajita pita has been a staple on Jack’s menu for 20 years, now gets a nutritional boost with the addition of a pita made with whole grain for $3.60. The pita sandwich, which has 300 calories, contains 16 grams of whole grain per serving. Nice.

Why the changes? Consumers are more knowledgeable about nutrition and many are looking for lighter menu items.

  1. For the record, “whole grain” (which is preferred) is not the same as “9-grain”, which may not be whole. I had to explain this to my husband recently.

    Kudos to them for trying to offer healthy alternatives. We don’t have Jack-in-the-Box where I live (SW Ohio), otherwise I’d definitely try these items.

    Whole-grain foods definitely make me feel full and stay full longer in the day. Try it sometime with brown rice. You don’t get the same effect with white rice.

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