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Working Out on Christmas Eve Day

I joined another gym. I had been going to Curves for 15 months and hated it. Actually, I didn’t go for 15 months, I was signed up for 15 months and was paying for it but went sporadically. The routine is boring. Also I could never get my heart rate elevated to my target heart rate zone.

Today the gym was open to 1 p.m. and I slid in there around noon and was huffing and puffing on the EFX machine when the woman next to me started talking to some guy and I chimed in now and then.

What was funny is that most of the conversation was about food. The guy said his girlfriend was out of town and tonight he was making a devils food chocolate cake. He was on his way out to buy a gallon of milk.

Then in the next breath, he said he lost 32 pounds this year and also was a diabetic. He said he didn’t celebrate Christmas and every Christmas for as long as he could remember he would eat devils food cake. He said that was the only time of year he ate it.

Then the woman said she didn’t really celebrate Christmas either and on Christmas she always has a hankering for BBQ. Of course, no BBQ restaurants are open on Christmas so after her workout she was going to buy a few meals of BBQ to eat tonight and tomorrow. Otherwise she said she doesn’t eat BBQ and sticks with a more bland and healthy diet.

For 20 minutes all they talked about was food, food, food, and more food. I wished at some point I had head phones on but I didn’t.

On Christmas Day I will eat Chinese food. I hope it’s decent. Tucson’s selection of good Chinese restaurants is limited. Cafe Pacific is about the best and it’s closed on Tuesday; usually they are jammed on Christmas Day.

Here’s a funny video about eating Chinese food on Christmas Day.

  1. We were out of town and were driving home on Christmas Day. The only thing open for dinner was Chinese. Guess where we ate! The place was packed. I couldn’t handle Waffle House two times in one day (we were there for lunch) — but there waffles are soooo good.

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