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Healthy Snacks: Funky Monkey Crunchy Freeze-Dried Fruit

Okay, I admit that I was skeptical when the Funky Monkey people wanted to send me a sample of crunchy freeze-dried fruit.

I pictured something tasteless but I was wrong. Funky Monkey freeze dried fruit just might be the snack that gets your picky kids eating fruit again. It comes in colorful foil 1-oz. packets and really does crunch. We Americans love to crunch and munch.

Funky Monkey crunchy freeze-dried fruit has no added sugar (hooray), no wheat, no gluten, no preservatives, no coloring, no cholesterol, and no artificial flavoring. Their proprietary freeze-dried method locks in the great smell and taste of fresh fruit.

Funky Monkey is made in Brazil using tropical fruits picked and freeze-dried at their peak freshness. And unlike most dried fruits, Funky Monkey does not contain allergy causing sulfites.

I tasted three flavors – pineapple with lime, banana cinnamon, and banana acai. They were all nibble-worth but the pineapple was my favorite. I forgot how good pineapple with lime can be.

For now you find Funky Monkey crunch fruit snacks at Kroger grocery stores in Louisville and Indianapolis and on Amazon.com. Coming 2008, they will be available at Whole Foods.

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