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Healthy Holiday Travel Trips from Weight Watchers

Everyone complains how flying is such a nightmare because of the hurry-up to wait status and the late flights. You’re either dashing through a crowded airport trying not to miss a connecting flight or waiting, waiting, waiting because of delays, bad weather and otherwise.

It is estimated that one in four travelers plan to hit the highways and airways this month, primarily to visit extended family membersfor the holidays.  Upon arriving to their destination travelers might be tempted by holiday stress, food pushers (eat darling, don’t insult your mother) or the urge for mom’s irresistible fresh-from-the-oven desserts. 

Instead of thinking how smart it would have been to pack elastic-waist or drawstring sweatpants, holiday travelers can rest easy with these tips from Weight Watchers® to avoid packing on the pounds, and then paying for it in the New Year:

Make a list and check it twice. Before leaving for vacation, write down a holiday weight goal and keep it nearby at all times in order to stay on track. Is your goal to lose weight, leave room for a few extra pounds or maintain throughout the merriment?  Then, when tempted to overindulge simply open up the paper to be reminded of the weight loss goal. 

Avoid mindless eating.  With traffic delays, planes to catch, holiday shopping and events to attend, remember to save calories by eating only when you are hungry instead of just when the mood strikes.

Take a coffee break that’s worth it. Some coffee drinks may appear calorie friendly but the truth truly lies in the sip.  Be your own best friend when it’s time for a jolt by:

Asking for fat-free milk and easy or no whipped cream;
Requesting half of the recommended syrup amount or better, sugar-free flavoring;
Ordering a small or medium, not super-sized, cup of java; and
Opting for tea instead of a specialty coffee drink.

Give traditional family favorites a healthy makeover. Indulging in a traditional high calorie meal can leave little wiggle room for enjoying additional meals and snacks throughout the day, so stay satisfied by decreasing your serving size while loading up on veggies.  Plan a healthy go-to dish to accompany the holiday favorite, such as a roasted vegetable with fresh herbs.  Avoid second helpings and burn calories by volunteering to clean up and do the dishes.

Tis the season for family and friends, not just food.  Have a guiltless season by indulging in what matters most memorable experiences with family and friends, not the food.  Whether it’s walking the neighborhood to enjoy holiday lights and décor or playing a game of touch football after the feast, focus on holiday joys instead of how much you ate or how tight your pants will fit the next day.

Weight Watchers is America’s trusted name in weight loss and the global leader in weight-loss services, with approximately 50,000 weekly meetings held worldwide.  For information about pricing, programs, and services call 1-800-651-6000.

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