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Food Recall: Sulfites in Dried Turkish Apricots

In a nutshell: Turkish dried apricots recalled because they contain sulfites.

Dec. 12, 2007–Kadouri International Foods, Inc. is recalling “King Brand Dried Turkish Apricots”, because they contain undeclared sulfites.  Consumers who have severe sensitivity to sulfites run the risk of serious or life-threatening reactions if they consume this product.

The product comes in 12.5 Kg. (28 lb) boxes marked with lot #35-105 on the side and with an expiration date of 15-07-2008 stamped on the side.  The recalled “King Brand Dried Turkish Apricots” were distributed nationwide in retail stores and through mail orders.

The recall was initiated after routine sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Food Inspectors and subsequent analysis of the product by Food Laboratory personnel revealed the presence of undeclared sulfites in “King Brand Dried Turkish Apricots” in packages which did not declare sulfites on the label. 

The consumption of 10 milligrams of sulfites per serving has been reported to elicit severe reactions in some asthmatics.  Anaphylactic shock could occur in certain sulfite sensitive individuals upon ingesting 10 milligrams or more of sulfites.  Analysis of the “King Brand Dried Turkish Apricots” revealed they contained 70 mg per serving.

According to the FDA, one person in 100 are sensitive to sulfites. Sulfites can negatively impact asthmatics. Dried fruits and wine contain sulfites yet more and more other food are containing sulfites too.

 No illnesses involving this product have been reported to date. Consumers who have purchased “King Brand Dried Turkish Apricots” are urged to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-718-381-6100.

  1. Many , “eat a banana for the potasssiam before retiring”. It made no difference. After years of wondering why, it turned out to be in ‘our’ case, hidden sulfites. The wine and liquor contain sulfites (added). Since we have stopped drinking any kind of alcohol we have almost stopped having these terribly painful ‘middle of the night cramps. But there are added sulfites in so many things today. Read the fine print each week, the labels free of sulfites one month may contain them the next month. Will ‘they’ put it in baby food next? Look at China!!

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