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Holiday Gift Idea: The Idiot’s Guide to Boiling Water

There’s something about this book series that offends me. I am not an idiot. I never will be an idiot. And I don’t like poking fun at idiots. Plus the concept is a lackluster rip-off to the dummies series.

I have to hand it to the dummies, at least they had an original thought and are laughing all the way to the bank.

Don’t ask me why but being a dummy is not nearly as offensive as being an idiot. On my bookshelf are Weight Training for Dummies, Grant Writing for Dummies, and Arizona for Dummies, the last one written by my friend Edie Jarolim. The sub tagline is blah blah blah for the rest of us.

Browse the titles and you’ll find the complete idiot’s guide and the utter idiot’s guide. Please, give me a break. Your’re either a total idiot or you’re not any idiot at all.

The idiot’s guides are reference books that provide a very basic understanding of seemingly difficult topics accomplished by using very basic words and terminology to explain different facets of a topic.

The Idiots sent me two books to review Cooking for Two and Fast & Fresh Meals, both by Ellen Brown.  Both books are packed with original mouth watering recipes. If you like the titles and can get past the idiot connotation, go for it.

In June 1995 when there was only computer books in the dummies and idiots series, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek article called Dumb and Dummy. It still rings true.

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