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Favorite Coffee Mug

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We all have a favorite coffee mug. Mine is green with dragonflies printed on the outside. I’ll even choose to use it when it is dirty, over getting a clean substitute (I only have one like it).

  1. Coco,
    I couldn’t agree more.
    When we were kids we had favorite blankies and toys and now we have favorite coffee mugs.
    I also have a favorite coffee mug that is blue with bright stripes around the rim and yellow-gold on the inside. A similar mug is blue on the inside with orange on the outside and the same bright stripes around the rim.
    My brother bought me these on his trip back from the Grand Canyon as he was working his way down to southeast Arizona.

  2. mine resembles the old-fashioned type you’d find in a diner. It has Nantucket Coffee Roasters on it!
    I had a really neat one along time ago and I was so weird about it, I would get antsy if anyone else drank from it!
    I like cups that are not colored inside. It’s stupid but I feel like I can taste the paint?

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