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Beaujolais Nouveau 2007 – Wine Tripping

Like clockwork, the third Thursday of every November brings wine’s best ad campaign — where anticipation for beaujolais nouveau become reality.

Search “beaujolais nouveau” on Google and hundreds of press releases flood the bandwidth.

Those French sure know how to orchestrate a media circus.

Last year as I was buying my $9.99 bottle of beaujolais nouveau at Trader Joe’s, the cashier told me about the Charles Shaw beaujolais for $2.99 ($1.99 in California, fondly known as two-buck chuck).

I bought both bottles and decided to invite a few friends over for blind wine tasting.

I poured side by side and of the 5 of us — 4 of us opted for the Charles Shaw $2.99 beaujolais. Only Peter liked the real thing better.

Since we all like a more heavy red like zin or cab, the beaujolais was too light with not as much definition as my wine palate is used to.

if you have not had the pleasure to experience beaujolais nouveau, I suggest you pick up a bottle. It makes a nice accompaniment with turkey.

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