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Keep It Simple: Thanksgiving Tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, families across America are counting down to a day of rest, relaxation and good food with relatives and friends.  However, for those in charge of the meal, the countdown to the holiday may be filled with visions of blunders and mishaps in the kitchen. The truth is, most people think of the holiday turkey as 18 pounds of anxiety and mess.

Experts from the Jennie-O Turkey Store the maker’s of the Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey that goes from freezer to oven with no thawing, preparation or mess offer advice to families across America on making the Thanksgiving meal as stress free as possible. 

1. Plan Ahead: Get more sleep Thanksgiving morning by preparing the side dishes the night before. You can use all the time you’ll save to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade with family.

2. Go Pot Luck: Save time cooking by having a pot luck dinner. Assign a dish to each of your guests rather than preparing the entire meal your self. Your guests will enjoy tasting everyone’s creations and trading recipes and guests will like making a contribution to the meal.

3. Simple is Better: The last thing a chef wants to think about on the big day is table decorations. Instead of worrying about the centerpiece and decorative options, just go simple. The food itself will make for great colors on the table.

4. Relax, Relax, Relax: Don’t forget that ultimately Thanksgiving is about being thankful, not the mashed potatoes. Make sure to take time relax and enjoy all of everyone around you.

5. Turkey Made Easy: Pick up an oven ready turkey, such as a Jennie-O Oven Ready Turkey, so you can spend more time with family and friends and less time sweating in the kitchen. This requires no preparation, goes straight from the freezer to the oven and makes for a tender juicy turkey.

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