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Restaurant Speak Pet Peeves

Here’s a hysterical article in the New York Times about how the waitstaff talks to diners and tries to put words in our mouth.

According to the article, restaurant speak “traffics in off-kilter pronouns, on display when a server asks: How are we enjoying things so far?

Well, we didn’t know you were dining with us. And we hadn’t come to a group verdict, but we’ll appoint a table foreman, deliberate and get back to you.”

Ha Ha

I was at happy hour last night and do recall one of the female waitstaff asking how we liked our sushi. Today I would probably give her a wisecrack after reading the article.

Another pet peeve I have is that last night the waiter reached across the table to pick up the tab. It was in the same place where he put it down in the little leather binder. He said, “I’ll just take this for you.”

And I said, “You can take it but we didn’t look at it yet.”  Perhaps, rather than reach across the table he could’ve asked if we were ready for him to pick up the bill. 

Do you have any restaurant speak pet peeves?

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