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Hostess Sno Balls Celebrate 60th Anniversary, Facts, and Lore

Hostess Sno Balls, America’s most famous pink snack cakes, are celebrating 60 sweet years as one of America’s favorite treats.

Since being introduced in 1947, Sno Balls have become an enduring icon enjoyed by generations of snack cake lovers who can’t get enough of the delicious and distinctive marshmallow, coconut, and chocolate cake combination.

Over 25 million Sno Balls are sold each year!

With flour and sugar rationing during WWII, Sno Balls became an instant hit with Americans looking to indulge in a sweet treat.

Sno Balls were not always the pink cream filled treats we know today.  Original Sno Balls were white marshmallow and shredded coconut covered chocolate cakes it wasn’t until 1950 that the cream filling was added.

Not long after the cream filling was added, in an effort to add a little pizzazz to the humble white Sno Ball, Hostess decided to tint the shredded coconut pink.  And for added effect, each Sno Ball package included one white and one pink Sno Ball.  Later, for efficiency’s sake, two of the same color were coupled. 

Today, the original white Sno Balls are produced mostly around the winter holidays.

Sno Balls are now produced in different colors for different seasons You can find Glo Balls (glow-in-the-dark Sno Balls) for Halloween, Lucky Puffs (green Sno Balls) for St. Patrick’s Day and Hoppers (lavender colored Sno Balls) in the Spring. 

(I wonder what food additive makes them “glow”?)

Even though St. Louis is not known for record snow falls, residents of the Gateway City love Sno Balls.  St. Louis residents eat more Sno Balls per capita than any other U.S. city.  Rounding out the top five Sno Ball-loving cities are:

Louisville, KY
Grand Rapids, MI
Roanoke, VA
Hartford, CT

Sno Balls are no strangers to celebrity.  The marshmallow-and-coconut snack has had supporting roles in episodes of The X-Files and Gilmore Girls and in the film The Mirror Has Two Faces. 

Hostess products, Dolly Madison, Wonder Bread among others are made by Interstate Bakeries Corporation.

Do you have any Hostess Sno Ball memories to share?

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