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Food as Science: Hydrocolloid and Xanthan Gums, Anyone?

There’s an interesting article in the New York Times about food as science — something Rita Connolly, a frequent Circle of Food contributor, was educating us about a few weeks ago.

The article explains some of the theories and ingredients such as hydrocolloid gums (used in the disgusting Twinkie) and xanthan gum used in bottled salad dressing and numerous other products.

Chefs are putting chemicals back in the food to create amazing food sculptures and pop art looking plates of food. Think fried mayonnaise. Watch the slideshow!

As I look at these photos and read the article, it seems that it’s miniaturizing a bowl of french onion soup into a ravioli.

Are the flavors more intense?

If someone is craving a steaming bowl of cheesy french onion soup and gets a diminutive dollar size french onion soup interpretation will they be wowed or disappointed?

Is it less calories?

Food for thoughts or so it seems…

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