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Salmonella and Food Poisoning

Salmonella and food poisoning are three words that none of us want to utter aloud in the first person.

Joel Rubin, reporter for the Los Angeles Times gives a first-person account about his experience with a salmonella diagnosis and how the restaurant coped with the problem.

To read some parts of the L.A. Times, you have to register; it’s free and worth it.

I know I must’ve had food poisoning before but I never reported it. If it should happen again, I would definitely report it.

Have you ever had food poisoning or a really bad reaction after eating in a restaurant? If so, what were your symptoms and what did you do about it?

  1. Karen, I read that article too – and it brought back some unpleasant memories from my own hospital stay a couple of years ago. Many of the same symptoms (cold sweat, swirlies, uncontrollable vomitting (and the other way – which I won’t go in to). Suffice it to say it was about the worst I’ve ever felt and required a night in the hospital.

    $7,500 later after all the tests they still couldn’t tell me if it was food poisoning, a drug reaction (sulfa) or blood pressure. In any case I came back and threw out everything in my fridge. I did do some reading later that also had me questioning if it could have been related to my son visiting the tortoises next door. Here’s a NY Times article that confirms some relationship (http://301url.com/dqn).

  2. I was on vacation about 10 years ago out West and on our last day, we ate lunch at an outdoor buffet prior to flying home that afternoon. The atmosphere was great – we were eating in the sunshine in a beautiful outdoor patio.

    There were hardly any people at the restaurant (this should have been our first clue) and the food was being kept warm by the typical food warming units — only the food wasn’t very hot.

    Anyway, I was sick as a dog that night — so it took about 12 hours to show its ugly head. It first starts with a gurgling stomach / intestines and then you get an achy feeling in your body and a headache — much like the flu. I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I had to call in sick on what would have been my first day back to work. It’s a good thing that I hardly ever missed work, so I didn’t have to feel that I wouldn’t be believed.

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